Team ADHD America

Team ADHD America cycling team is a 501c3 non profit organization. Our mission is to bring awareness to living with ADHD.


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About Us

ADHD center of MKE


The ADHD Center of Milwaukee is dedicated to improving the lives of children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD. As well as providing academic tutorial services, including SAT and ACT preparation using the Princeton Review. In addition, the Center specializes in using the latest technology tools, devices and applications to maximize the learning experience. 

A Tradition of Team Spirit


It's not always about winning albeit winning is fun.  It is about being a team first and foremost. It is about being a good teammate with care and consideration for others while developing competitive skills and learning how to execute team strategies while racing.

Cycling and ADHD


  A growing body of research has shown a link between exercise and improvements in self control and academic performance.  In one study, 47 students, aged 11 to 14, from two Massachusetts middle schools  rode outdoors five days-per-week for 30 minutes before school.  The results were awesome. They showed positively altered brain activity, increased attention spans, boosted moods, and of course, improved fitness and BMI. Even better, it only took one ride to start seeing the results! 

Who we are

Phillip Godkin-Team director


Phillip has been coaching and directing a junior development program since 1998 when he started the ISCorp cycling team.  He now has a new sponsor and a new cause with ADHD America and will continue on with the junior cycling program he started in 1998.

Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob is a retired school teacher and administrator with 20 years of experience coaching high school football in Wisconsin. Steve has now switched his focus to helping young cyclists become the best they can be.

What isTeam ADHD?


At Team ADHD America we welcome all riders in whatever discipline or flavor of riding that strikes your passion.  We encourage everyone to get out and move, ride a bike, do whatever! ADHD and movement go together. Our passion is cycling and we want to provide a platform for our members to share that passion.  Whether you are a casual weekend rider, love to ride cause-based fund raising events, or like to challenge your skills in a race, we welcome you to our team. The only requirement is that you are willing to talk to people about ADHD. 

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Team ADHD America cycling Board Members

Phillip Godkin Team-President


Chip Pieper- Team VP,


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Paul Dryden-Treasurer


We are a bicycle club and bike team that is open to all types of riding. Wether road bike riding or mountain bike riding or just casual riding we would love to have you a part of our cause!


If you would like to hear about the team happenings and join us send us your email and we will include you in our next email newsletter!

Contact Us

Have a question about our bike team, or about how we can help you address your specific ADHD needs? Feel free to reach out and ask. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Team ADHD America youth cycling program

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